Creighton Helps Students Learn Through WOWBIZ Weekly, Omaha’s Business Podcast

Local business professionals who are interviewed on this feisty news show have their failures as well as their successes on display for students and colleagues in the audience at Creighton University’s Harper Center. Host Lynn Hinderaker attracts an eclectic roster of executives and entrepreneurs who discuss their careers, setbacks and aspirations with zeal and reflection.

Hinderaker has a knack for squeezing 20 minutes of discussion into six or eight minutes, so his executive interviews are jam-packed with insight. As the live show unfolds, he changes hats on the fly, alternating between being a cheerleader, consultant, journalist, philosopher and a pitchman.

As WOWBIZ Weekly rolls forward (most tapings involve six or eight interviews over 70 minutes or so), Hinderaker attacks one business topic (strategy, design, industry change, consumer habits, job trends, social media, organizational culture, leadership, etc.) after another, linking what’s happening locally to what’s unfolding on the national scene. He’ll occasionally dip into quirks, good naturedly calling out his guest’ contradictions.

Each WOWBIZ Weekly business guest is introduced to the Harper Center audience warmly and enthusiastically. Hinderaker conducts his interviews breezily, as if he is hosting a cocktail party for over-achievers; the feel of this live “news experience” is energetic, expansive and bracing. It’s as if Fox Business News has partnered with Oprah Winfrey (an unlikely pairing, to be sure) to celebrate Omaha’s business potential. Hinderaker revels in the contrast and diversity of his guests and topics, somehow melding them into a continuous, overlapping mosaic of real life learning.

If you are part of a business group who would like to use the taping at Harper Center as a networking event, call 402-208-5519.

Advertising and sponsorships of individual interviews are also available.

The WOWBIZ Weekly Live podcast is organized by the staff at COBA, the business school’s Dean’s Fellows and Omaha’s Stream Light Productions in concert with PointForward, LLC.

“WOWBIZ Weekly is a pioneer in Omaha’s business news, a must see for any individual interested in cultivating their career and keeping up with innovative business ideas.”
— Brian Kuehner, Creighton business student

“Lynn….this is very late but I do want to say thank you for the terrific experience I had on the WOWBIZ site a couple of weeks ago.  I had a number of people approach me afterward to say they watched the podcast.  They enjoyed the format and gave both you and me props for getting the message across.  Thank you again for the invitation.  I enjoyed it.
– Frank McGree, Goodwill Industries

“Thank you for inviting us to your show last Friday! It was very interesting to watch and listen to your interviews. You are quite the host, and the material was informative.”  =
— Josh, financial manager for Surplus Sales 

WOWBIZ host Lynn Hinderaker is available as a speaker for business groups that seek new ways to identify and exploit opportunity.