WOWBIZ Omaha Testimonials

“I recently did an educational video interview with WOWBIZ about my field of expertise, virtual assistance. Upon posting the video interview to my social media page, I received 278 views within a 24 hour period. To date, that’s the highest viewing I’ve received on any post on my Facebook page. Along with that, I also received several comments on the post and personal emails regarding the post. This has served as a great tool to produce more interest and leads for my business. It’s a timeless video that I can use over and over again as an icebreaker when talking online with new prospects about my business.”
— Virtual assistant, Chamber of Commerce member

“Lynn helps you look smart by doing his homework and asking the right questions. I have gained clients because of the interviews he conducted with me.”
— Dale Marples, CFO Omaha

“Lynn’s passion for business and Omaha’s business success combined with his amazing insights and thought provoking interview talents can only be described in one word WOW! …WOWBIZTV is not for everyone. If you want to stay in the dark, be uninformed, remain stagnant in your business do not become a regular subscriber.  Let the others who are pursuing growth learn from Lynn’s great guests.”
— National speaker and author

“I am impressed by the WOWBIZ websites you shared. Thank you. The videos are very professional and dynamic.”
— Chamber of Commerce executive

“Your WOWBIZ service will be extremely valuable to service professionals.”
— Omaha based management/IT consultant

“No matter how uncertain you may be of cameras and the interview process, Lynn knows how to put you at ease, asks the right questions that allow you to express your expertise and come off as the professional that you are. Best of all, he brings a lot of excitement to the process.”
— Corporate consultant and career counselor

“Lynn interviewed the Volano executives on WOWBIZ TV where we discussed the difficulty hiring technical help. The session was comfortable, fun, and informative. Lynn brings energy and confidence to the interview process and always extracts the essence of the topic with a natural ease.”
— Co-owner, software development firm