News-Talk “Edu-tainment” Can Revitalize Your Trade Show Event

Talk show hosts educate, entertain and……..create new revenues!

Analysts in the trade show and corporate conference industry agree that the business needs a new way to engage exhibitors and audience members. However, industry veterans gravitate to modified versions of tactics they’ve employed for decades rather than thinking freshly about what today’s exhibitor or association member – influenced by the web, social media, cable, Hollywood, mobile apps – really wants:

  1. Deeper engagement with the show audience
  2. The chance to create “teachable moments”
  3. A way to educate and entertain in one package
  4. A system for converting casual conversations into sales dialogues

Meanwhile, association execs have new needs, as well:

  • A way to create more value for exhibitors
  • A new source of revenue
  • A bridge-building process between exhibitors and attendees

How does it work?

  1. Hire the WOWBIZ TV team to set up a news-desk and camera crew near the middle of your trade show floor.
  2. Talk show host interviews exhibitors on camera in front of live(ly) audience: engagement and entertainment ensue!
  3. Production crew uploads exhibitor interview to YouTube for nearly-immediate viewing around the convention hall.
  4. Exhibitors have the option to invest in an edited, mobile version of the WOWBIZ TV interview.
  5. After the show, exhibitors are allowed to use the YouTube link to share the publicity interview with event sales prospects.
  6. Association staffs and exhibit reps sell sponsorships on the YouTube WOWBIZ interviews, generating new revenues!