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  • Pieper Changes the Service Game

    Customer service expert Bill Pieper describes how his firm, EPIC Connections, redefined its scope of services so as to expand into the consulting industry, vastly broadening its prospect universe. In one year, Pieper’s organization has grown from one tactical service to five, strategically-related divisions that are now “disrupting” the entire customer engagement industry. Sales revenues have mirrored the growth plan. By the end of the interview, the WOWBIZ audience is inspired by Pieper’s synergistic “brand transformation.”

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  • Greenberg Touts Importance of Voice, Emotion in Customer Service

    In this fast paced interview, speaker Andy Greenberg explains his controversial perspective on customer retention and engagement. WOWBIZ Weekly host Lynn Hinderaker challenges the garrulous Greenberg to define what “courting your customers” really means and how to do it while cutting costs and driving efficient processing.  Hinderaker raises the importance of brand values and emotion, but is then shocked at Greenberg’s advice to eliminate the use of social media, web chat and texting to serve customers.

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  • How To Know If Your Business Needs a Mobile App

    With the proliferation of smart phones and other handheld web devices, mobile applications have become an important way for companies to stay in touch with customers. Now more than ever, employees and customers are able to effectively communicate and interact with business without being tied to a computer. Does my business need an application? Many different types of businesses can benefit from having a mobile application. The first step is consider the strategic needs of the company. Data accessibility, social […]

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