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  • How to Change Your Life in 30 Days or Less

    In this revealing interview, certified hypnotherapist Diane Rohlfs explains how our early conditioning can backfire on us as adults. According to Rohlfs, our core beliefs are running through our minds at a deep level, filtering out any new data that conflict with long-held convictions. That’s why we continue destructive behaviors such as addiction, irrational fear, aversion to public speaking, irritability, gambling, overeating, etc., even though we “know better.” Rohlfs uses a safe, long-lasting form of hypnosis based on deep relaxation […]

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  • Meier: Confidence Requires Training, Visualization

    “Thinking Coach,” Jim Meier, speaks to host Lynn Hinderaker about how he helps athletes recapture their confidence; the key is to observe the mechanical machinations of one’s mind when it is spouting judgments that provoke self-doubt. Meier also talks about the value of thinking of times in the past when one has succeeded and to “feel” that experience in great detail. Hinderaker adds that people sometimes feel that they deserve failure, which is a self-fulfilling concept.

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