This easy-skim document summarizes the “why,” the “what” and the “how” behind the WOWBIZ reputation-building platform. Here you’ll learn how the WOWBIZ system can help you attract the younger generation of buyers, nurture sales leads and navigate the new media world. Learn how to bolster your “street cred” in record time.

What problem does WOWBIZ solve?

Brands and their 30-second ads are not trusted by the next generation of buyers.

Baby Boomer business owners need a social media strategy that makes sense.

It takes too much time and money to convert a casual contact into a prequalified prospect  who is ready be sold.

What is the general purpose of WOWBIZ?

WOWBIZ accelerate the sales cycle by sharing helpful purchasing information that only an insider could know. It is a credibility-building tool.

How is that objective accomplished?

Business owners are interviewed on camera for six minutes by a well trained professional. The interviews are “how-to” dialogues, not promotional rhetoric. After some analysis and coaching, average business owners or executives are transformed into local “thought leaders,” experts respected over all competitors.

Where did the idea of instructional videos come from?

YouTube has thousands of instructional videos that serve every type of need. They’re usually very basic, but helpful for the person who needs just-in-time “how-to” advice. This YouTube format has been re-purposed as WOWBIZ Inside Scoop to serve Omaha’s business leaders and their skeptical-but-info-hungry customers.

How do I know this video will work?

This video endorsement from a trusted financial consultant explains everything:


“WOWBIZ videos allow my personality and my professionalism to come through. Because the interviewer prepares, he can ask questions that help me display my expertise in a way that I couldn’t do myself. He makes me look smarter than I really am!”

Why can’t I promote my company aggressively on the WOWBIZ video interviews?

Research  proves that customers want to buy from “known experts” in their field. The instructional tone of the WOWBIZ “Inside Scoop” videos offsets the natural skepticism that buyers have about doing business with an unfamiliar vendor.

Where is the video seen? How do people see it and learn about my company?

After the Inside Scoop video is produced, it’s placed on YouTube, inside the WOWBIZ directory (and on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages as well as your web site, if desired.) Your video has its own URL address, so you can share the web link with prospects in a short email: (“I thought you might enjoy this educational video. It has tips that seem to apply to your situation. I’ll call in a couple days to see what you found most interesting…”)

WOWBIZ also produces an online business news podcast with Creighton University’s business school that intensifies the community’s focus on WOWBIZ Omaha and its Inside Scoop interviewees.  Rallies and WOWBIZ awards deepen the exposure.

What is the difference between the interviews in the Inside Scoop directory and the interviews that are conducted on the WOWBIZ Weekly business news magazine?

The educational content and advice in the Inside Scoop video directory is timeless; the interviews on WOWBIZ Weekly are time-sensitive, driven by recent trends.

What can I compare an investment in WOWBIZ Inside Scoop to?

These videos are the opposite of the 30 second messages that dominate the advertising world. Instead of being broad and shallow, WOWBIZ interviews are narrow and deep, blending publicity and personal branding into a “lead-nurturing” tool.

What role will the Inside Scoop videos play in our marketing plan?

These videos provide a link between the top and the bottom of your sales funnel. That’s where verification, trust and credibility matter most.

What do people often misunderstand about the Inside Scoop videos?

These videos are a not a “media” in the traditional sense; their value is as a paid publicity tool, a way to impress and condition prospects without prematurely forcing them into a sales dialogue. Routinely email a web-link of your latest video to your connections and “nurture” the dialogue!

How can I lower the risk of an investment in Inside Scoop?

If you help your WOWBIZ representative find a sponsor for your Inside Scoop interview, you’ll actually break even on your investment in video production over time.* If you accept an outside sponsorship of your video interview, the sponsor will help promote your video content and you’ll receive a portion of their monthly sponsorship fee directly from WOWBIZ! This revenue sharing partnership resembles a YouTube business model with large advertisers and differentiates WOWBIZ from all other local content platforms on the web.

* assumes that the sponsor of the interview pays the sponsorship fee to PointForward, LLC; there is no guarantee that a sponsor will be found for any particular WOWBIZ interview. Interviewee must assist in the development of a sponsor relationship.