Read This Before You Tape Your Inside Scoop Video

Are you “authentic?” It’s a tough question to answer until you stop selling and start educating. The pressure to “achieve” anything drops away and it becomes easier to just be yourself. This is especially important when conducting a thought leadership video interview. When participating in a video interview, remember: you have a natural executive presence.  Simply talk from your heart and share information as if you were mentoring a close relative.

What do your customers not understand when you are explaining your product? What issues are they reluctant to share? This is the key to being relevant. Give your customers objective instruction in understanding the process, the challenges and the trends that may shape their purchasing decision.  Address every consideration in advance. Teach them HOW. They want to learn, but don’t know how to ask. Talk about what really matters!

Transparency is the easiest way to earn the trust of a sales prospect. That means you must be open and willing to share the “inside scoop” about what’s really going on in your industry or company.  This is the information everyone craves. When you are transparent in your WOWBIZ Inside Scoop video interview, people will listen intently, then give you the professional respect you deserve.