Time and Trust: the new “moon shots”

(A primer for WOWBIZ TV program partners and local thought leaders)

Do you have the time to wait for a reticent sales prospect to sit down and “talk turkey?”

After all, you’ve invested in local advertising. You have brand awareness. People know about your company. Some of them have your company brochures sitting in their in-basket or email, waiting to be read.

Nevertheless, your phone calls go unreturned. Appointments fall through. The younger the sales prospect, the more often this maddening pattern repeats itself.

You don’t have the time to wait for general buyer awareness to be magically transformed into desire and conviction.

The sales cycle has stalled; what’s the hang-up?

Although your advertising has brought prospects into the top of the sales pipeline, they are not moving down the “funnel” toward a sales interview or personal visit to your store or office.

You’ve succeeded at step one and are hoping to get to step three: the face-to-face sales interview. But you’ve missed step two, the verification step – the credibility-building step.

Today’s prospect doesn’t trust you…not yet.

Today’s prospect is looking for objective advice – evidence of intelligence, character and accountability. Today’s buyer wants to do business with the smartest vendor in the room, the vendor with true insight…the vendor who knows something no one else understands.

Today’s customer wants vendors who educate, not vendors who “sell.”

Today’s customer values insight over relationships. It’s not that relationships are bad; it’s just that relationships are the by-product of the timely sharing of new information that is particularly insightful. 

That’s why WOWBIZ Inside Scoop video interviews are so powerful; they build trust and credibility by sharing “insider” information that makes a purchase less risky.

Plus, Inside Scoop thought leadership videos reveal a business owner’s personality, mentality and style; how you respond to an interviewer’s questions reveals much. Are you guarded? Calculating? Relaxed? Even nonverbal qualities play a powerful role in motivating prospects to participate in a dialogue.

“I just liked the way you expressed yourself in your video interview. You seemed comfortable talking about the things we discuss over here at our offices.”

That’s what young buyers say when to a vendor after reviewing an Inside Scoop video interview, a “how to” interview that instructs and explains.

Stop cutting corners and come to grips with step number 2 in the sales cycle. Become a program partner in the WOWBIZ Inside Scoop directory. Earn the “right to speak” by sharing information on video that is genuinely and specifically helpful to your buyer-prospect.

Become trustworthy and transparent! You’re running out of time.