The Master Class: How to Build Your Customer Base with How to Videos

How to knit a dishcloth.

How to sell your car.

How to organize a business plan.

As the WOWBIZ Omaha team analyzed the search terms being used on YouTube, they’ve realized that YouTube is not just an entertainment hub, but also an educational platform for business owners eager to connect with employees, potential customers, purchasing committees and investors.

As the WOWBIZ media entrepreneurs studied YouTube’s short and sweet “video snacks,” they realized:

  1. When you educate someone, you position yourself as an industry expert; buyers who are particularly discriminating, well educated, confused, risk-averse or inexperienced find the notion of doing business with a “known expert” very attractive.
  2. The more complicated, novel or expensive the purchase decision is, the more useful an instructional video can be.
  3. Over 49% of people who view instructional videos do something “constructive” after viewing them. In other words, they “move down the sales funnel,” approaching the purchase decision.
  4. The ability to see the person on camera who is responsible for creating or selling the product is usually a positive. The willingness to be seen and explain things helpfully builds a credible personal brand.
  5. Educational videos may have greater impact than white papers, brochures or Powerpoint-based webinars.
  6. Thus, educational videos can generate sales leads in addition to bolstering one’s brand reputation. This one-two punch makes educational videos highly efficient and an invaluable part of a publicity or sales development campaign.
  7. Many video educators are unprofessional, albeit sincere, in their communication. A reporter-style, interview format (think 60 Minutes in infomercial mode), combined with some basic production flourishes, adds panache without appearing slick.

These are the considerations that led to the development of WOWBIZ Inside Scoop’s thought leadership videos. Whether you are a viewer or a program partner (a just-in-time subject expert), you’ll soon realize the benefits of participating in the WOWBIZ “Master Class:”

  • Six minutes of advice is thorough, but not tiresome;
  • The material is “insider data,” organized as if it were offered as a gift by a family friend who works “in the business;”
  • It’s easier and faster than wading through endless Google or Bing listings;
  • The information can be trusted because it comes from local leaders who are accountable for their insights and suggestions;.
  • Interviewees are available for deeper customer dialogue, if appropriate;
  • The more you teach, the more you sell.

If interested, contact the WOWBIZ founder at 402-208-5519.

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