How Do You Currently Stimulate Trust?

Trust is the biggest issue in America today. (Grocery stores have it, airlines don’t.) If you want to grow your business, establishing trust and credibility is your first priority. Without a solid reputation, your future growth is uncertain.

Selling a good product isn’t enough. Today’s consumer wants to understand who you really are and how much you really know before they part with their hard-earned money. That’s especially true for the Gen X/Y/Z generation of buyers.

 Today’s consumer wants to buy from the smartest vendor available. If you provide insider advice, you’ll become known as a “thought leader.” Thought leaders are “known” and respected. A thought leader’s advice about a complex purchase decision lowers risk.

Thought leaders are considered gold standard experts. If possible, you want to be the one who sets the bar which your competitors must leap over. You create that reputation by educating and advising, not selling. Help buyers make a well-informed decision and watch your reputation grow.

Professional video interviews are the easiest way to become known as a trusted thought leader. Simply hire a WOWBIZ thought leadership coach before taping your on- camera interview. Your interview will be focused, instructive and frequently watched all the way through.

However, a video interview is just one type of reputation-building tools.

For instance, white papers are a popular tool to impress prospects, educate buyers and demonstrate credibility. But they require months of research and editing time. A professional WOWBIZ video interview will establish your professional credentials in 1/10th the time required to author and distribute a white paper. Some people call them “white papers on steroids.”

Webinars are another way to establish your thought leadership credentials. They can help you explain a detailed product or service to an online audience. But again, coordination with an outside vendor is time consuming; a WOWBIZ Inside Scoop video interview is approximately 70% easier than organizing an educational webinar.

Once they understand that an online video interviewer is an efficient way to establish “street cred,” many businesspeople ask themselves, “What do I really know that would earn the trust of a sales prospect?”

Play with that question using a simple, two word phrase: “How to…”


  • “How to Make an Intelligent Purchase Decision In the (fill in the blank) Industry.”
  • “How to Know When You’ve Found the Right Vendor in the (fill in the blank) Industry.”
  • “How to Capitalize on the Trends That Are Shaping the (fill in the blank) Industry.”
  • “How to Switch from One Vendor to the Next with Minimal Disruption In the (fill the blank) Industry.”

If you’ve been in business for awhile, you have opinions about these questions. By now, your brain is bubbling with helpful how-to topics you could address on camera in a five or six minute interview.

After your WOWBIZ Inside Scoop educational interview has been taped, your video is placed on YouTube; you’re now equipped to simply send the YouTube link to any casual prospect via email: (“I invite you to watch this educational video; it reminds me of some things you mentioned about your business.”)

Soft sell, reputation-building video interviews will accelerate the sales cycle without chewing up your calendar and budget. A professional coach and interviewer from WOWBIZ can optimize your interview, packaging your own unique style of thought leadership.