Share a “Teachable Moment” on Inside Scoop

The people who wake up late at night worrying about their business are the people who have the most valuable perspective. Nobody has a more helpful vantage point than a real world practitioner, not an academic. Why?

The answer lies in the risk that is infused into every business decision. Business owners take a risk only after they understand a business inside and out. Risk gives thinking a “keen edge.” All the fluff dissipates in the combustive heat generated by risk.

If you want an answer – to anything – that is truly usable, look for a person who has discovered that answer while analyzing a risk that has personal implications.

When you question that person, you will get more than a quick tip. You will receive a “teachable moment.”

If you want to attract the most thoughtful customers (always a good idea because they are most loyal) and nurture your employees toward deeper engagement, create a teachable moment. The most ambitious employees are constantly searching for teachable moments. Customers who want a great value make informed decisions based on what they absorb when exposed to a teachable moment.

WOWBIZ Inside Scoop is a directory of teachable moments. If you want to get from A to B, there is nothing more helpful than a well-developed teachable moment that is offered by a professional who cultivated an industry insight while wrestling with risk.

Enjoy the answers located just inside the WOWBIZ Inside Scoop directory of teachable moments. If you own a business or are a non-profit executive, consider sharing your teachable moments by becoming a WOWBIZ “program provider.”

Every business owner or seasoned executive has some important pieces of truth; all of those pieces need to be honored and included in a spacious, easily shared “embrace,” a genuine teachable moment.

If you need help sorting through the information you might include in a teachable moment, call on the WOWBIZ thought leadership coaches to guide you through an insightful discovery process: 402-208-5519.