The Paradigm of Pull: Creating Thoughtful Content

The barriers to acquiring new customers are getting taller. Traditional advertising is losing its impact. Salespeople are being sidetracked by buyers who rely on social media conversations and blog postings. The younger the prospect, the more difficult it is to get a face-to-face appointment.  It’s a daunting situation that has many business developers and business owners rethinking the rules.

Welcome to the content marketing revolution, where buyers lean toward companies who educate them before requesting a purchasing decision. They want to be given relevant, succinct advice from established experts who can help them make low-risk decisions. They prefer straightforward substance over corporate rhetoric. This is the world of white papers, webinars and publicity, the world of pull.

Do not emphasize your company and your products. Instead, answer questions that demonstrate that your organization is smart and worth doing business with. This is not advertising.

Think more like a publisher than a salesperson.

Use an outsider who is skilled in making your content interesting.

Choose a title that grabs attention.

Promote your thought leadership content like crazy by emailing a download link to colleagues or prospects or sharing the link with your social media connections.