Problems Solved By WOWBIZ Omaha

If your business development efforts stall in the middle of the sales funnel, your prospects don’t fully trust you. They’re aware of your company, but you’re not yet perceived as the most credible vendor in the business. The answer is to make your prospects smarter by sharing “how to” tips and suggestions. Once they see that you’re willing to share “insider advice,” their respect—and sense of obligation—will grow.

The Millennials buy differently. They rely on blogs and social media to choose a vendor, less on traditional advertising and sales brochures. They also use YouTube instructional videos to learn how to do nearly everything. WOWBIZ Inside Scoop videos provide a similar educational formula as YouTube, but apply the “how to” platform to the local business scene.  Generation Y gets insider tips from local business executives on camera that provide “decision support.” Interviewees know it works; Why? Because “the more you teach, the more you sell.”

If your company is ready to take social media to the next level, you may wish to look closely at a campaign of YouTube video interviews. The videos are much more engaging than text articles and attract the attention of Google’s search engine since they are also posted on WOWBIZTV and your web site as well. By “surrounding” the customer, prompting a true dialogue, your corporate reputation will grow.