How to Diffuse the Millennials’ Natural Cynicism About Your Product Pitch

Problem: Generation X/Y doesn’t trust traditional advertisers and salespeople. They are aloof and skeptical, making customer acquisition more difficult than ever.

Problem: Small business owners don’t have the time to manage their reputation online or learn how to use social media optimally.    Solution: Build credibility before meeting with prospects, stop wasting time on unproductive sales calls. Demonstrate your expertise in an online video interview with a professional journalist and thought leadership coach, then post the interview on YouTube, WOWBIZ and on your web site. Share the link to your interview via email with casual prospects. Talk seriously only to those who demonstrate interest in the educational tips in your WOWBIZ video interview.

67% of buyers under 40 make their decision about your product without ever meeting with your sales people. They’re tough to influence; they insist on receiving objective insight and actionable intelligence before purchasing.