Local Assistance is Trustworthy Assistance

There are 130 million YouTube videos. Every minute, 24 hours’ worth of video is uploaded to YouTube alone. The popularity of YouTube has indirectly spawned WOWBIZ Inside Scoop—but one particular thing is different from YouTube…

Millions of people rely on YouTube’s educational videos to learn how to bake a cake, build your own home…the list goes on and on. There are many instructional business videos as well on YouTube (how to start your own business, how to train a salesperson, etc.) but one thing is missing on YouTube: the business “experts” aren’t from Omaha. You’ll never meet them personally or know for sure if they actually “walk the talk.” If they’re wrong, they won’t be around the Omaha metro area to apologize; you won’t find these “Internet strangers” in your neighborhood or at your favorite coffee shop, so there are no repercussions if they mislead you (accidentally or purposely).

This is not what today’s risk averse, locally-oriented customer really wants.

Today’s customer wants responsible advice from a local business owner or corporate vendor who is transparent and accountable—someone who doesn’t hide behind a receptionist or fancy desk when there’s a problem.  Someone who answers his/her messages. Someone who listens and responds. Someone who’s here. Someone who’s now.

Trust building tactics

Buyers are delaying interactions until the last possible minute, so you need to have all credibility issues handled early in the sales cycle. That’s why creating several “thought leadership” videos is so essential.

Case studies and customer success stories are also helpful to overcome objections early in the buying cycle. However, in some industries, the standard “problem-solution-results” formula doesn’t resonate with decision makers. Instead, CEOs said they would rather see a section on “Lessons learned while implementing the solution.” That suggests that the phrase, “How to…” is key. And they admitted they would probably watch a “lessons learned” video more readily than they would read a text document.

More local-trust tips:

Bundle your “content assets” together into a downloadable how-to kit. Package various types of content – a how to webinar, an assortment of tactical worksheets or checklists, a collection of customer success stories, a blog, a video and an engaging e-book – under the same theme.

It’s all about TIPS AND ADVICE: FREE INSTRUCTION conveyed through blogs and videos. Provide new ideas on how to perfect some process or suggest a unique approach to solve a problem. Post one or two video tutorials per week, knowing that blogs and videos are easily measurable and you can easily make changes based on nearly immediate feedback.