The Strategic Value of Inside Scoop Video Interviews

Buyers are delaying interactions until the last possible minute, so you need to have all credibility issues handled early in the sales cycle. That’s why creating several “thought leadership” videos is so essential. Trust is your launch pad!

  • Demonstrate and share insider expertise
  • Use video to appeal to young prospects
  • Explain how to evaluate a new vendor
  • Interpret trends shaping your industry
  • Use journalistic interview format

The point of video interviews is three-fold:

  1. Efficient: Video interviews are easier and faster to produce than other types of trust-building content such as white papers and webinars;
  2. Street cred: Nothing is more impressive than a professional interview on camera. Facial coding research proves that audience members see interviewees as “authorities in-the-know;”
  3. The videos can be posted in multiple places so Google’s search engine will “see” and elevate them based on meta-tags.

Strategic trends favoring involvement with WOWBIZ Omaha

  • Marketers are dissatisfied with local demand- generation. Brand managers want better ways to improve customer-facing resources at the local level.
  • Social spending is slated to triple as a percent of total marketing budgets.
  • Experts agree: the future belongs to brands that can use video and mobile messaging together.
  • 49% of viewers said they would look up details about a brand after seeing it discussed in an online video.
  • Video can be an important a in a company’s search rankings.

Become a WOWBIZ programming partner and empower prospects with the knowledge needed to trust you before you go into “sales-mode.”