Program Partners

The Seasoned Business Owner feels he deserves more recognition from the local media after all these years. He also is clueless about how to connect with the Google-YouTube generation. WOWBIZ Inside Scoop gives him a strategy for generating respect among younger buyers.

The Corporate Exec knows that online video is far more impactful than text when connecting with community influencers. She sees that WOWBIZ Inside Scoop can help her explain her company’s complex array of services. She especially likes the journalism-style interview format.

The Sales Challenger realizes that what prospects want is fresh insight that can make them more competitive or confident when making a purchase decision. He used to circulate white papers and essays or organize webinars to attract prospects, but it took too much time to pull together. Now he uses videos to display expertise, share research or offer helpful tips. As a result, he controls the customer conversation.

The Lazy Salesperson doesn’t like making calls on sales prospects unless they show an active interest in talking to him first. WOWBIZ gives him a way to kick-start prospecting. He goes to networking meetings, where he excels, then sends new contacts a link to his boss’s latest Inside Scoop video. It’s easy and fast.

The Busy Do-It-All Entrepreneur loves talking to sales prospects, but doesn’t have enough time to encourage a deeper dialogue. WOWBIZ Inside Scoop helps others see him as a “thought leader” in his business. He saves time cultivating productive new relationships.