WOWBIZ Franchise Opportunities: a twist on a proven formula

Traditional media – newspapers, phone directory publishers and AM radio broadcasters, in particular – are suffering from a prolonged and precipitous decline in audience share and advertising revenues.  Foresighted owners and managers are searching for new sources of digital revenue as well as new ways to create and distribute content.

If you are a senior officer at a traditional media organization, the WOWBIZ online video platform (or “eco-system”) may provide an alternative to your current malaise without disrupting core operations.


  1. Your advertising salespeople will regain the feisty self-esteem that has slipped away.
  2. Advertisers will become receptive to longer sales interviews.
  3. Programming/editorial and sales will collaborate once again.
  4. Cross platform initiatives will seem reasonable and pragmatic.
  5. Your web site visitors will linger on your online content;
  6. Even if audience share doesn’t go up, revenues will increase.

Yes, it’s true that the media industry hasn’t traditionally used the franchisor-franchisee business model. But this is the digital age and all established practices have to be rethought if you are to recapture your competitive edge.

The best part is…it’s easy if you can change the way you think.

If you have a sales-force and a strong desire to disrupt your local media-market, call the founder of WOWBIZ at 402-208-5519.