About WOWBIZ founder, Lynn Hinderaker

Versatile and visionary, Lynn Hinderaker is a proven change agent, brand innovator and entrepreneur. He has consulted with companies in 33 industries and led 11 corporate turnarounds, including the most dramatic turnaround in the history of fast food. His advertising efforts with Taco Bell and ad agency Tracy Locke (now TLP) in the late eighties – including the birth of the very first Value Menu – changed the landscape of the entire restaurant industry.

Prior to that experience, Hinderaker was also a pathfinder in interactive media; while working for Cox Cable (later Cox Communications) in 1981, he became the second person in the US to sell interactive advertising. This local experiment (in what was then known as the “videotext” industry) blazed a trail for the entire Internet-based advertising industry.

Today, Hinderaker consults in the rapidly-growing “customer experience management” category, helping medium sized companies recalibrate their strategies and culture to suit a fast-changing marketplace. Collaborating with his technical partner, he also develops “magnetic” content for websites and trade show events. In his spare time, he is a popular conference speaker, workshop facilitator and executive coach.

His current emphasis is WOWBIZ TV, an online video fusion of 60 Minutes, Consumer Reports and the local Yellow Pages directories.  His focus there is using video interviews with local business leaders to build trust among the next generation of buyers. He also collaborates with Creighton University’s business school in the development of an online business newsmagazine podcast.

Asked to summarize the core idea behind WOWBIZ, his speaking career and the recent emphasis on content development, Hinderaker answers without missing a beat: “The more you teach, the more you sell.”