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  • How to Change Your Life in 30 Days or Less

    In this revealing interview, certified hypnotherapist Diane Rohlfs explains how our early conditioning can backfire on us as adults. According to Rohlfs, our core beliefs are running through our minds at a deep level, filtering out any new data that conflict with long-held convictions. That’s why we continue destructive behaviors such as addiction, irrational fear, aversion to public speaking, irritability, gambling, overeating, etc., even though we “know better.” Rohlfs uses a safe, long-lasting form of hypnosis based on deep relaxation […]

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  • How to Serve a Much Fresher, Healthier Chicken

    In this interview, Jim Steffans explains how he raises ultra-fresh, flavorful chicken outside of Omaha, Nebraska, that makes it from “pasture to plate” in five days or less. His Massena Farms operation moves chickens around on open pastures and feed them organic grain. The chickens need no antibiotics because they are not confined, thus there is no illness among the birds. The poultry is processed right on the Massena Farms property using state of the art technology. Consumers order their […]

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  • How to Define Your Personal Style By Repurposing Your Heritage Jewelry

    As you mature, it becomes important to define your personal style. When you succeed at that, you feel more confident tackling the future. However, there’s a hitch: as your parents age and you learn more about your family origins, it becomes important to carry something with you that connects you to that very personal past. Few people can resolve the tension between expressing the future and the past in their appearance and personality. That’s where repurposed jewelry can play an […]

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  • How to Design a Trendy Dream Home

    How to Design a Trendy Dream Home

    HOW TO DESIGN A TRENDY DREAM HOME In this WOWBIZ Inside Scoop video Veteran home plan designer, Carl Cuozzo of Design Basics discusses a new trends that offer customers style, convenience, and modern functionality. Lifestyle adjustments that add functionality Rear foyers are playing a big part in the designs of new homes, so why not make them just as welcome as the front door? Drop zones offer a way to keep items like mail, phone chargers, and other items from […]

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