Rick Faber: “Purpose and Passion” Drive Success

As a college student, Omaha Vistage chairman Rick Faber out-hustled two other students for a mundane job in food service and kitchen cleanup. Being chosen over two competitors taught him an early lesson that has never left him: focus, intensity and drive matter.

At the time, Faber didn’t really know what his purpose in life was. Over time, that part of his “vocational identity” evolved as well. When his passion and purpose finally converged, his career went into hyper-drive. That’s the general message of this Success Summit interview with WOWBIZ TV’s Lynn Hinderaker. But that’s not the real reason to watch this fascinating interview. Faber is comfortable expressing his wonder and awe at the unfolding process of finding and embracing one’s professional destiny. Hinderaker and his Embassy Suites audience relish the revelation!