Do Leaders Walk the Talk? Peek-Emsick Issues Challenge

Janyne Peek-Emsick used to be a nun. Today, she’s an insightful management consultant who helps corporate leaders see themselves as others see them. In this Success Summit interview with Lynn Hinderaker, Dr. Peek-Emsick shares a secret with the audience: the best educated and highest paid corporate leaders often blame others when their best plans fall apart. Their vanity and puffed-up vision of what the company is supposed to be doing can set them up for failure that, to them, is absolutely unexplainable.

The hypocrisy that is so common in large companies is seldom acknowledged, according to Dr. Peek-Emsick. The key to success is to align the specific behavior of the top executives with the vision and mission statements that are framed on the walls of these companies. Employees will notice and slowly modify their behavior, as well. This pattern drives employee engagement and cultural transformation.