Embassy Suites La Vista Introduces “Theatrical Journalism” to West Omaha’s Business Community

In this video, Embassy Suites’ David Scott introduces a new era of face-to-face marketing to the West Omaha business community. His collaborator, WOWBIZ TV’s Lynn Hinderaker, interviewed nine of Nebraska’s top executives about their notion of “success” going into the postmodern, digital era. The thoughtful, energetic interviews were recorded on video so that the insightful lessons that were shared by these experts could be shared with thousands of web site surfers looking for inspiration and career direction. 100 businesspeople were in the audience and six sponsors were involved in this live event.

Success Summit exemplifies a new trend: people want to put down their smartphones (how boring!) and reconnect with warm, human beings who have something interesting to say. The event was conceived at the same time as former Vanity Fair editor, Tina Brown, announced she was leaving her current editorial position at the Daily Beast to form a company that would do the same thing as the Success Summit collaborators in Omaha: “mix it up” with interesting people in front of  live audiences while videotaping the proceedings for online viewing (and commercial messaging).

Embassy Suites may be onto something big with this formula. Everyone wins; interviewees gain free publicity on and offline, Embassy Suites gains access to convention prospects (strategically seated in the audience), local businesspeople learn quickly from fast paced interviews and WOWBIZ TV brings everyone together around shared knowledge and new relationships. The WOWBIZ theme – Sustainable Energy for Your Brain – is well demonstrated in this learn-and-mix event.