Bruce Rieker Explains Coopertition and Positive Turbulence

The executive in charge of government relations in behalf of the Nebraska Hospital Association is a fascinating man who currently resides in the belly of the beast: the Affordable Health Care Act. Bruce Rieker also used to work with football legend and former Congressman, Tom Osborne, where he learned about patience, remaining calm in the face of adversity and “coopertition,” the notion of cooperating with a competitor in order to achieve a strategic objective.

Rieker also discusses such topics as “positive turbulence” (a hopeful phrase he uses to describe the current dialogue around the controversial health care initiative). Despite his considerable career success, Rieker admits that he still has moments of self-doubt; but, he also explained that this is a healthy and common reaction when an executive stretches beyond one’s comfort zone. That’s when deep learning really takes place. This interview with WOWBIZ founder Lynn Hinderaker is infused with insight and mutual respect.