How to Define Your Personal Style By Repurposing Your Heritage Jewelry

As you mature, it becomes important to define your personal style. When you succeed at that, you feel more confident tackling the future. However, there’s a hitch: as your parents age and you learn more about your family origins, it becomes important to carry something with you that connects you to that very personal past.

Few people can resolve the tension between expressing the future and the past in their appearance and personality. That’s where repurposed jewelry can play an interesting role.

Georgy Collier from Omaha’s GC Gems helps all kinds of people transform their “old” jewelry that is often lying unused in the bottom of the drawer into something contemporary and meaningful. That jewelry, often inherited from parents and grandparents, can be taken apart and woven into a new, customized piece of jewelry that is unique and very significant…a wearable conversation piece.

This video interview explains the creative process that pulls customer and jeweler together around a meaningful cause. Interview bonus: there is a special way that the cost of this customized jewelry can be brought down so anyone can afford.