How To Use Wiki Technology To Collaborate

In today’s business world, collaboration is the key to improving productivity, stimulating innovation and sharing knowledge across departmental boundaries. Wiki technology provides a highly customizable strategy to break down barriers within your entire company.

What is Wiki?

Wiki is based on the concept of creating an open platform that can be modified by anyone who has access. Like Wikipedia (the fifth most popular website on the Internet), a business wiki is a constantly evolving tool that can save your employees enormous time.

Advantages of using a company Wiki

Companies accelerate the training process by using a Wiki to inform new hires of culture, policy and procedures. Organizational developers and project managers use Wikis to preserve critical background on task forces, key initiatives, trends, events and customer developments. Wikis can retain a vast amount of vital information even if key personnel leave the company.

In this WOWBIZ video Denise Magill of Virtual Roundtable discusses how a company Wiki can streamline process, engage clients, capture invaluable knowledge, enhance employee morale, and spur new product innovation.



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