How To Spur Employee Innovation

As the business world refocuses on driving innovation, companies are entertaining new ways to generate creative ideas that will boost employee and customer engagement. By taking employees out of their normal office environment, CEOs can inspire them to perceive organizational challenges in a different light, finding fresh solutions and boosting morale.

Finding the right venue

An offsite meeting place should offer environmental features that are in dramatic contrast to the office environment. Inspiring examples may include special lighting, a natural environment, tall ceilings, art, oversize props, theatrical elements such as stages, curtains or microphones, proximity to children or animals and access to business technology.

Working with the facility coordinator

A good facility coordinator works with the company as a partner, identifying what the specific goals and requirements are, and what type of room is needed for events, meetings, or team building.

In this WOWBIZ Inside Scoop video Geri Michelic of the Salvation Army Kroc Center explains how an offsite meeting place can offer a way for employees to break free of the daily routine and open their minds to new stimuli and new connections, all of which lead to breakthrough thinking and productive employee collaboration.




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