How To Get Your Organization “In-Alignment”

When the IT department and business unit clash in any company, it can cause unnecessary delays in progress. Much like the spine of a human  being, companies needs alignment between each department to function effectively.

In this WOWBIZ Inside Scoop interview, Jim Richards of Capstone IT Consulting discusses how creating alignment between the IT department and the rest of the company can overcome conflicting goals and streamline initiatives.

Assessing the issues

An outside, third party can help a company achieve alignment by identifying gaps in communication; they can start with an initial assessment which includes a review of best practices and conducting a comprehensive series of interviews. After issues are identified, companies are equipped to build a shared vision on a timeline that both the IT and business units can realistically embrace.

Implementing alignment

After assessment, “time-box” benchmarks lay out a roadmap toward departmental alignment. This type of action plan galvanizes people, processes, leadership, and technology – all components in creating a shared vision. This video interview will help you understand how a new emphasis on alignment will enable your company to adjust to a fast changing marketplace.



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