How To Be Relevant In A Diverse Marketplace

In this WOWBIZ Inside Scoop video, futurist Roger Selbert explains that most companies have underestimated the difficulty of remaining relevant to an increasingly diverse marketplace. If you doubt this trend, consider the presidential race of 2012: according to political analysts, Republicans misunderstood America’s diversity and underestimated the impact of the Latino vote, thus losing “voter-market share.” As an industry matures and fragments, the diversity issue always raises its head. Any organization that ignores it becomes less relevant. This video helps sensitize decision makers to the problem.

Know your customer

 How does your customer look at the world? What emotional biases do they have when assessing your brand? How have they changed as they react to a fast changing world? How does your customer service program reinforce your brand’s values? What really matters to them?

Gathering detailed information about customers is the key to deepening relevance and helping various customer types “engage” with your brand.

Three keys to relevant, engaging marketing programs:

  • Identify and engage market niches
  • Become your own brand
  • Focus on local targeted solutions

Redefine marketing strategies

Now is the time to slice and dice your prospect universe to increase the relevance of your product line and your messaging to today’s fast changing customer.



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