How to Stimulate Brand Traction

Successful companies know that instead of cutting costs to save money, the key is to differentiate themselves from competitors – especially during recessionary periods. That means that branding is the key factor for success. The challenge is to transform the brand into a sales-generating catalyst – to change behavior, not just attitude. This leads us to a new term found only on WOWBIZ Inside Scoop: Brand Traction.

Cutting costs is not the answer

In this WOWBIZ interview, David Gilinsky of Bergman Incentives discuses the importance of brand traction and points out that, “Nobody ever grew their business by cutting costs.”

Bergman explains how his firm heightens the power of each of his clients’ brands by suggesting promotional items that underscore the clients’ unique value proposition, the foundation of a brand.

Moving potential sales into action

Gilinsky also points out that branding is more than just a logo on a pen; it’s the way the brand communicates with the consumer. Brand traction is achieved by developing a special relationship between the brand and the end user, offering an experience that motivates them to move forward and take action. Brand traction creates urgency. This is a key factor for turning prospects into profits. When action follows an emotional brand connection, that’s Brand Traction!




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