How To Know If Your Business Needs a Mobile App

With the proliferation of smart phones and other handheld web devices, mobile applications have become an important way for companies to stay in touch with customers. Now more than ever, employees and customers are able to effectively communicate and interact with business without being tied to a computer.

Does my business need an application?

Many different types of businesses can benefit from having a mobile application. The first step is consider the strategic needs of the company. Data accessibility, social interaction and deeper, more frequent communication are all benefits for businesses who provide mobile applications. The second step is to ask yourself, “What information do our customers really need when they are out and about? How can our new mobile app give them that information, enhancing their lifestyle and personal productivity?”

What type of application do we need?

The value of your mobile app should ultimately be built around the benefits for the end user. Convenience, speed, functionality, brand differentiation and access to customized data could play a role in your value proposition. Web retailers can offer information and promotional opportunities that can be linked to brick-and-mortar environments. Interactive mobile applications can keep users engaged with your brand in a discovery mode.

In this WOWBIZ Inside Scoop interview, Jamie Wollingford of Capstone Consulting discusses how applications can enhance your business by making it more efficient as well as generating incremental revenue.



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