How to use Agile Training to Increase Collaboration

In today’s business world it is critical for companies to embrace change in order to compete; however, many companies get left behind because the IT department is prone to defending practices that are rooted in the past while marketing, R&D and operations are focused on a rapidly evolving future. The predictable clash between departments can be resolved through AGILE training.

 It’s time to make your business AGILE

In this WOWBIZTV video, Lou Thomas of Capstone IT Consulting discusses how his company helps coach businesses on the AGILE methodology. AGILE training helps companies build bridges between IT and business departments, thus creating a nimble company with teams that function together like clockwork to actualize aggressive organizational goals.

Opening doors between departments

The AGILE concept creates a paradigm and a practice to offer a shared, inspired vision that breaks down the barriers between the IT and business teams. The AGILE concept eliminates communication roadblocks that hinder progress and profitability.

Flow To the Future

AGILE is an ongoing process that offers a way for teams to experience a shared vision, embrace change, and focus on the needs of the entire business. This training can refine your business model, enabling you to maneuver through any challenge without any department slowing your responsiveness. This is the AGILE way, as interpreted and taught by Capstone IT Consulting, Omaha.



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